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Readings for direction and insight


At the start of the session, Carmel’s support teams will provide her with information on the aspects of a client’s life that they may need help with or given insights to, whether it’s to do with their job situations, love relationships, health, finances or children. Or she may simply give you a rundown of what the future has in store for you.

Based on a combination of visions and words sent to her by Spirit, Carmel will conduct the reading, endeavouring to provide her client with clarity regarding the direction they could be taking in their life. She also likes to give clients the opportunity to ask questions to help gain clarity in specific areas of their life.

The readings are recorded and sent to your email address via dropbox. Overall, all readings offer personal as well as professional direction, but they also are a healing experience.

Readings can be conducted in person, via phone or Skype or Zoom

Carmel does provide clear, precise readings via phone and Skype. Distance and time are not an issue!

Please bear in mind that these readings need to be calendar-booked and paid in advance.

In person first visit 30 minutes $135 • 60 minutes $235 
Return visit 30 minutes $120 • 60 minutes $220

Skype or Zoom first session 30 minutes $115 • 60 minutes $195
Return session
30 minutes $100 • 60 minutes $185

Burning Questions 15 minutes $55 • sessions on phone are for New Zealand and Australia only

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